ACWEP represents the interests of wool buying firms which traditionally have serviced most of their wool supplies from the auction selling system; and Australian early stage wool processing companies.

Today, most Australian wool is exported in the greasy form, or as scoured or carbonised wool.

ACWEP is recognised by Government and other industry sectors as being the national representative voice for auction buying interests and early stage processors; and represents its members on various industry committees and at meetings with other industry sectors.

ACWEP was formed in 2006 by the merger of the Australian Council of Wool Exporters (ACWE) and the Australian Wool Processors’ Council (AWPC).


Prior to the:

State and regional based associations of auction buyers date back to the 1890s, with the first national representative body established in 1946. The national body took the name of Australian Council of Wool Exporters in 1986.

The Australian Wool Processors’ Council was formed by the merger of the former Federation of Australian Wool Scourers & Carbonisers and the Wool Textile Manufacturers’ of Australia in  1988.



Office Bearers

Export & Buyer Members of Australian Council of Wool Exporters & Processors Inc


Matt Hand



Peter Morgan

Executive Director



Stuart Clayton

Vice President


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Tim Marwedel

Vice President


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Executive Committee

Matt Hand

Paul Foley

Josh Lamb

David Ritchie

Andrew Worthington

ACWEP Meetings & Events



Suite 3, 204 Dryburgh Street
North Melbourne, Victoria, 3051, Australia


Ph: +61 3 9329 0760      

Fax: +61 3 9329 9751




Australian Merino Exports Pty Ltd is an established wool exporting company providing personalised

service to wool textile clients worldwide. Along with traditional greasy wool exporting,

the company  is also a reputable supplier of Scoured wool and wool tops .

Factory 1, 34 Maria Street, Laverton North Vic 3026

Harry Wilson 0411 599 409 

Stevan Stojkovic 0400 029 679



Brokering - Selling wool on behalf of wool grower clients.

Greasy Processing - Dag crushing, Blending, Opening and Decotting.

Exporting - Greasy, Scoured and Carbonised wool.

The most important people to us are our clients.




Unit 5B, 32-34 Little Boundary Road

Laverton North  Vic  3026



4/166 Albert Road, South Melbourne Vic 3205

Ph: 03 9696 1544

Fax: 03 9696 2340


Yennora Distribution Centre,

Gate 2, 1st Floor, Building 1,

Dennistoun Ave, Guildford  NSW  2161

Ph: 02 9681 6660

Fax: 02 9681 6662


Suite 9, 2 Ambitious Link,

Bibra Lake  WA  6163


PO Box 2044

Palmyra DC W.A. 6961

Ph: 08 9335 6170

Fax: 08 9335 8717



Level 23, 

360 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

Ph: 03 8625 6500       

Fax: 03 9614 6364       



The Lempriere family became involved in wool trading from the inception of auction sales in the colony of

Victoria in the 1850s.

The family prides itself on the quality and dedication of the people who make up the Lempriere team.

Its operations include the trading and exporting of greasy and processed wool to Europe, Asia, China & USA.  

The Company head office is in Melbourne with offices in Fremantle and Sydney.

Level 1, 403 Francis Street, Brooklyn  Vic  3012

Ph: 03 8614 7000      

Fax: 03 8614 7070



Modiano Australia Pty Ltd is associated with G Modiano Ltd.  The Group has offices in London, Melbourne, Sydney, Fremantle,

Christchurch, Biella, Istanbul, Port Elizabeth & Shanghai. 

Trade enquiries should be directed to Mr Bill Costin in our London office on  

fax: 44 2073746468.

Room 10, Yennora Distribution Centre, Dennistoun Ave, Guildford  NSW  2161

Ph: 02 9905 3749   

Fax: 02 9938 6498   



Sydney - Ph: 02 9681 6943        

Fax: 02 9632 4324

Melbourne/Geelong - Ph: 03 5284 1427        

Fax: 03 5284 1528


Providing quality services to customers and encouraging the professional fine wool producer.


1b/1 Norfolk Street

Fremantle  WA  6160

Ph: 08 9432 1800

Fax: 08 9335 9766




PO Box 344, Unley  SA 5061

Ph: 08 8341 0000        

Fax: 08 8341 0044


Quality Wool is a wool broking and exporting company based in Adelaide, South Australia.

It handles a significant portion of the southern Australian wool clip from eastern

Western Australia through South Australia and Victoria and up to northern New South

Wales, and exports wool to the world trade

Seatech Industrial Pty Limited

Seatech Industrial Pty Limited

Suite 201, Level 2, 153 Walker Street North Sydney NSW 2060

Ph: 02 8904 0559




Segard Masurel (Australia) Pty Ltd

Unit 9, 42-46 Vella Drive

Sunshine, Victoria 3020

Ph: 03 9312 1199

Fax: 03 93121117

Suite 19, 204-218 Dryburgh Street

North Melbourne  Vic  3051

Ph: 03 8374 3866

Fax: 03 8672 7839

5 Irene Street

North Fremantle  WA  6159

Ph: 08 9336 6435

Fax: 08 9336 6436


290 Boundary Road

Laverton Vic 3026

Ph: 03 9368 8000

Fax: 03 9368 8020



Wool buyers & exporters.

Working with the growers from farm to export.

Techwool Trading is an Australian family owned company established in the early 80s. The company supplieswool to over

100 textile mills worldwide.  Through its depots and networkof agents in Victoria, South Australia and NSW; Techwool can

fully serviceclients in buying and selling quality wool.

  Gate 4, AWH Wool Complex

  Frederick Street

  Tottenham  VIC  3012

  Ph: 03 9314 2033

  Fax: 03 9314 2044



Tianyu Wool Industry  (Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone) Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. It has an annual capacity of 80,000

tons of scoured wool, 20,000 tons of slivers and 5,000 tons of treated wool tops.


Gate 4, 5-29 Frederick Road

Tottenham Vic  3012

Ph: 03 9315 3057




4/233 Cardigan Street, Carlton  Vic  3053

Ph: 03 9347 2487

Fax: 03 9347 0286



143 Barrington Street

Bibra Lake  WA  6163

Ph: 08 9418 8448

Fax: 08 9418 8450



Westcoast Wools Pty Ltd was established 10 years ago as a fully independant company, with 5 working Directors, 12 Agents

operating state-wide. Westcoast Wools have a strong belief and commitment to the wool industry and will offer a prompt and

efficient marketing services, which include:


Full Auction, On-farm-purchases (full clips and oddments), consignment.




PO Box 267

Laverton  Vic  3028

Ph: 0412 547 553



Associate Members


Australian Wool Testing Authority

70 Robertson Street

Kensington  VIC  3031

Ph: 03 9371 4100

Fax: 03 9371 4191



AWTA Ltd (Australian Wool Testing Authority) is the largest wool testing organisation in the world.

AWTA has played a major role in providing a bridge between the research and the commercial

application of testing technology, by facilitating further research and development, sponsoring

and participating in practical trials, and developing and implementing relevant national and

international standards, procedures, methods and technology, providing major benefits to

all segments of the wool industry in Australia and overseas.


Independent Wool Dumpers

P.O. Box 598

Fremantle  WA  6160

Ph: 08 9335 5533

Fax: 08 9430 5324



IWD Pty Ltd is one of the largest wool dumping Operations in the Southern Hemisphere. It has the ability to receive,

dump and containerise bales for shipment to all parts of the world. This facility is fully computerised and each

individual wool bale is registered and tracked through the facility by using state of the art barcode technology and

computer systems.


Southern Aurora Markets

Level 14, 61 York Street,

Sydney  NSW  2000

Winnipeg Textiles Pty Ltd

36 Roberts Street,

West Footscray Vic 3012

Ph: 03 9314 9222

Fax: 03 9315 1237

Pack-Tainers Pty Ltd

300-320 Boundary Road,

Laverton North, VIC, 3026

Ph: 03 9931 0111

Fax: 03 9931 0222

Processor Members of Australian Council of Wool Exporters & Processors Inc

Locked Bag 10, Dubbo NSW 2830

Ph: 02 6884 5833        

Fax: 02 6885 1949      



E P Robinson Pty Ltd

PO Box 279, Newtown Vic 3216

Ph: 03 5222 3022

Fax: 03 5222 4207



Commission wool scourers and carbonisers located in the historic Riversdale Mill, Geelong, Victoria

GPO Box 1739, Adelaide SA 5001

Ph: 08 8209 4400        

Fax: 08 8209 4407        



Michell are one of Australia's largest exporters of Australian Wool fibre and have beenassociated with the International

wool textile industry for over 140 years.Michell has its Global headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia, with

manufacturing and processing facilities throughout the world, together with anetwork of local agents and business partners.

Michell operations’ encompasses sourcing, trading, processing and exporting of greasyand processed wool, yarns

and fabrics. Michell is committed to continuing fibreresearch and commercialising innovative wool products.

Through the newly established Michell Direct Wool business, we can now connectAustralian wool growers to

international customers and processors alike.


PO Box 430, Altona North Vic 3025

Ph: 03 9369 0499

Fax: 03 9369 0599



Sales Contact: Mr Jim Kim

Processing Contact: Mr David Ritchie.


Victoria Wool Processors operates carbonising and scouring plants at two sites in North Laverton.  The majority of

the company’s carbonising and scouring work is for sale by its trading division. However, both divisions offer a

commission processing service to clients.  The company specialises in processing the full range of Australian wool

types in all microns, for use in both the woollen and worsted industries.


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